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Lesotho considers buying Kenyan tea
Lesotho considers buying Kenyan tea
By Emma Justine In Posted November 15, 2019 0 Comments

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Lesotho is considering direct trade with Kenya for the tea commodity. Speaking at the Ngorogo Tea Factory, in Kiambu, Minister for Agriculture and Food Security in Lesotho Simon Litsane said they would collaborate with management at Ngorongo tea and the Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya in the tea business.  His counterpart in the Ministry of Trade and other senior members of the Kingdom of Lesotho government accompanied Litsane who led the delegation.  “Lesotho doesn’t grow tea we are amazed at what you Kenyans are doing, our government is interested in introducing black tea in our market and we are ready to learn more”, he said,

He said they would in the future invite the management at Ngorongo to test their soil if it is viable for tea plantation.
Also, he said that the investment would create jobs for the youth. Gorongo Tea Factory General Manager George Mugo said they were excited that Lesotho government would be considering introducing Kenyan tea trade directly from the factory to Lesotho market without any intermediaries. “In collaboration with the Kenya intercontinental free trade market, we have discussed an open trading window where we can export both tea in bulk in value-added form”, He said

The tea will reach Lesotho while very fresh and the country will be able to sell it. Besides, he said Lesotho had the Potential as a new market niche.

SEE ALSO :Contaminated food linked to increasing cervical cancerKenya is the leading exporter of tea globally. Lesotho relies on tea from South Africa, which consists more of herbal tea. Prime Minister Motsoahae Thomas Thabane led the delegation for a three-day state visit.

Story by: Fidelis Kabunyi

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