Mission of ESAFF Lesotho is Empowering small scale farmers in Lesotho influence development policies and promote ecological agriculture through capacity strengthening, farmer led research, campaigns and networking.


Vision of ESAFF Lesotho is to see a strong, effective National Forum of empowered small scale farmers with united voices in the policy processes for ecological agriculture practice and a poverty free Lesotho.

SSFFL Core Values

  • Integrity: To be honest, reliable and upright in our conduct as well as to stand for what we believe;
  • Mutual trust: Cultivate confidence and self-reliance among farmers to avoid hurting each other;
  • Equal partnership: Treat every member equally with the same rights irrespective of their country of origin, sex, age or beliefs;
  • Transparency and accountability: Openness and truthfulness in our conduct and being answerable to one another and to others; and
  • Respect: Holding high opinion of each other and of others, valuing each other and nurturing the esteem of fellow farmers as well as keeping our promises.

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